Are We Eating Ourselves to Death?

Americans spend billions of dollars every year on health and fitness. Chasing a rainbow for the perfect body and perfect health drives us to buy fitness equipment that quickly collects dust in the attic, garage or storage facility. The chase has us buying millions of dollars of vitamins and supplements in hopes of added energy, instant cures for ailments and even the possibility of losing a few pounds. Along with all the supplements, we spend billions of dollars on medications to counteract diabetes, high blood pressure, cardio disease, obesity and so much more. Do the investments pay off? A lot of industries are getting rich, but America has become one of the most obese countries in the world. In spite of all that money being spent, we are getting fatter and unhealthier by the minute. The irony in all this is that better health – more energy, less disease and the need for fewer pills – is easier to achieve than we think. In a constantly evolving high-tech world, the answer could be in taking a step back into time. A step back to the days of the caveman. THE CAVEMAN DIET The caveman didn’t have the exposure to artificial…

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