Parkland Health & Hospital System Makes Personal Protective Equipment Video Available For Ebola Screening

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DALLAS – Parkland Health & Hospital System is making available to hospitals, health systems and cities across the country a video on the proper methods to don and doff personal protective equipment (PPE) when screening for Ebola patients.

Parkland has received numerous requests from all over the country for permission to use this video. The health system wants to make it clear that the video is available to any organization that would find it useful in preparing to deal with infectious disease cases. Providers and health care entities do not need further permission from Parkland to use it in their training materials.

The video is available on YouTube at com/watch?v=1GNKJL1_ejg or on Parkland’s website at www.

To date, this educational video has been viewed over 60,000 times.

“As a public safety net hospital, we believe it is our responsibility to care for anyone who presents at our doors. Part of that mission is to share with others in the health care industry our knowledge of best practices,” said Alex Eastman, MD, MPH, Parkland’s Disaster Medical Director. “We have people at Parkland who are experts in proper use of PPE and we created this video to train our own staff.”

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