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America is known as being the “land of opportunity” but sadly, we are also called the land of obesity. We aren’t proud of being overweight and we spend millions – maybe billions – of dollars trying to get that perfect body. But just like it’s better to work smarter – not harder, the key to being healthy and fit is to be smarter.

As a practicing gastroenterologist, I have seen a fair amount of patients complain about how hard it is to lose weight. These same patients talk about complications from being overweight – diabetes, fatigue, lack of sleep and more. Inevitably, I ask them about their diet. It’s interesting how they avoid the question and talk about fad diets and failures. Then they ask for a prescription.

We live in a society that thrives on immediate gratification and the vision of a “magic” pill. Yet, more than 100,000 people die each year from prescription drugs – that’s one person every minute. Statistics like this should make everyone think twice about a magic pill.

Instead of a prescription, I ask patients to try a low carb diet for a month. And that’s all it takes to see some amazing results. The weight falls off. Having practiced medicine for nearly 30 years, I have had the opportunity to see scores of patients lose more than a hundred pounds and get completely off their diabetes and other medications.

I’ve written a feature on the low-carb diet (sometimes called the caveman diet or the Paleo dietin this issue. I’ve included some background on carbs, how they can pack on the pounds or create health issues and how to eat smart and not starve.

My challenge to you is to try the diet yourself – even if you think you are fit. Start eating smarter and most of all – read the labels on the foods you eat. Speaking of labels, eating smart starts with labels. In fact, if it needs a label it probably isn’t the best choice for you. I rarely see nutrition labels on fresh vegetables and meats.
Read the story and try the diet for a month. If you are honest and stay on track for a month, I bet you will be amazed. Till next issue.


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