On Call With Doctor Porter – Sept/Oct Edition

wdk_sept_changeSomeone once said: “the only constant in life is change”. As a physician, I find this saying applies to medicine just as much as life. While constant is a comfort zone for some, constant in medicine can be stifling. Change is necessary to live longer and healthier.

While we have gone through a few changes here at What Doctors Know we understand that our content has not changed, we are committed to giving you the best information from the best sources. Our goal here at WDK is to keep you up to date with changes in medicine along with keeping you informed about issues that may negatively or positively affect your health.

For example, the soda industry has made a great deal of money quenching our thirst at the expense of our health. Find out how while learning the best alternatives to taking care of our hydration needs.

Can toxins in the air cause us to look older? Again, as our society evolves, we sometimes ignore the impact industrial breakthroughs may have on our bodies. Read the story on how toxins in the air can
add years to your skin. Change is good, but are we taking the right steps to implement change without sacrificing our health?

Soda manufacturers and industry giants are two examples of how our society is rapidly changing. Change is good and inevitable, but we have to make sure that change means a better quality of life – not a detriment. Some change is geared toward making life easier, but sometimes the same change can shorten our life.

So, at WDK, we look at changes, advancements, breakthroughs and more in medicine that can make us healthier. But, we also look at industrial and commercial changes that can have a negative effect on our health.

The message here is that while change can be good when it enhances the quality of our life and our health, it’s important to be informed of all change, good or bad.

Here’s to your good health!

Steve Porter, MD
Publisher and Chairman


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