Miami Children’s Hospital and Boris Clinic Partner to Offer Telemedicine Consultations in the Ukraine

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MIAMI – Boris Clinic, the largest private hospital in the Ukraine, has formalized an agreement with Miami Children’s Hospital’s (MCH) global telemedicine program – MCH Anywhere – that will enable telemedicine consults to support the care of children in the Ukraine. A press conference was held May 20 in the Ukraine along with the first consult, which featured an 11-year-old Ukrainian boy.

Through a fast and secure connection, physicians and patients in the Ukraine connect to MCH subspecialists for an individualized consultation through digital medical devices that allow for examination of patients in real time. The instrumental methods of examination can include electrocardiograms, ultrasound, endoscopy, audiology and more. The consultations allow for multidisciplinary examination from a team of specialists in order to support the patient’s assessment.

Members of the MCH medical team participating in the first Ukrainian consult were Dr. Deise Granado-Villar, MCH Senior Vice President of Medical and Academic Affairs/Chief Medical Officer, and Dr. Erick Hernandez, a pediatric gastroenterologist on the medical staff at MCH. Participating in the Ukraine were Michael Radutsky, President of Boris Clinic, and Dr. Viktor Sidorenko, Chief Surgeon at Boris Clinic. Dr. Andrea Maggioni, Medical Director of Global Health for MCH, was also in the Ukraine for the first consult.

Nancy Humbert, Senior Vice President of Ambulatory Services, said, “We are delighted to partner with Boris Clinic to eliminate barriers of time and distance to serve children. Through our shared passion, we are making a difference for families in the Ukraine.”

Dr. Granado-Villar said, “A common purpose unites us with our colleagues in the Ukraine– the desire to help children. For me, there is no higher calling than to strive to create a better world for children.”

MCH Anywhere’s Global Telemedicine Command Center is a 2,400-square-foot facility in the heart of the MCH campus, with advanced two-way voice, data and video technology and a high-speed broadband wireless network with the capacity to send and receive high-resolution visual images, radiology reports, laboratory tests and other information. Medical translation services are also provided during the sessions when needed.


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